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About us

Nestled in a charming century-old building, Deena’s was established in 2013. This contrast between eras is also observed in the store’s exceptional blend between traditional and trendy. Thanks to her numerous visits to Paris and New York, Deena garners her inspiration from the fashion capitals of the world. From the fashion-driven quotes on its walls, to its printed portraits of Sophia Loren and Coco Chanel, Deena’s is a place where the legendary fashion icons of the world continue to live on — with a shore twist.

With her meticulously hand-picked home décor and accessory collections, and her select clothing items, Deena invites you to come and experience her world, where the soul of the Champs-Élysées mixes with Soho and the Jersey Shore, forming a sophisticatedly casual blend between metropolitan and oceanside vibes.