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Whiskey River Liquid Soap

Net Weight: 8 oz.All-natural, organic, vegan liquid castile soap scented with essential oil bottled in amber glass. Not tested on animals


Saint Candle

Proudly made in USA! Our candles are reminiscent of the traditional 8" glass prayer candles with a twist! Each is a high-resolution designed image with gloss finish produced using clean burning...


Snarky Tea

These teas were created for the tired, the insomniacs, the stressed and the overwhelmed. They're purposeful and functional (meaning they actually do what they say they'll do), and not afraid...


Twisted Pot Holder

9" square, made with durable 100% cotton canvas and thick batting interior for superior heat resistance.  Pocket design provides a secure grip.  Has a loop for hanging and is machine...


Twisted Tag

Made from 3" x 8" heavy gauged, gem-colored Acetate Ribbon with a grommetted hanging cord. Text written in metallic leaf.  Packaged in cellophane with card stock backing. Twisted Tags are...


Snarky Dish Towel

Clean up with flair! These dish towels are super soft, super absorbent and made with 100% unbleached cotton.


Cocktail Napkins

Funny beverage napkins for any occasion that will certainly get attention. Approximately 5"x5" 3-ply 20 per pack


Snarky Candle

These candles are all handmade, with scents tailored to very specific people. Candles are all about 17 oz. and burn for approximately 60 hours.


Tea Towel

Hang them over anything you want to secure them to and pull through loop. You not only have a towel that stays in place, but one that looks amazing in your...


Oven Mitt

Super insulated and made from 100% cotton. One size fits all.


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