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Shore Things

Stack of Books

Locally hand-crafted book stacks made from upcycled books 

From $20.00

Sea Glass Ornament

These sea glass ornaments are hand made by a local artist using materials from the Jersey Shore. Each piece is uniquely hand crafted, and so they are all slightly different....


Locally Made Shell Frame

These handmade, one-of-a-kind frames are individually crafted by a local artist. Each piece has its own unique composition, set in a shadow box frame with a prop for standing on...


Sea Glass Tree

These holiday decorations are handmade by a local artist from sea glass right from the Jersey Shore. Each piece is unique, but they are all beautiful. Small size is approximately 3.5"...

From $20.00

Jersey Shore Cookbook

With The Jersey Shore Cookbook, you can have a taste of summer all year long. It features 50 recipes contributed by well-loved shore town restaurants, bakeries, markets, and more.